Hotel room workouts: Get your exercise in with PiYo

Working out while traveling can be challenging, especially if your hotel doesn’t have a gym. But if you’ve got a television in your room (and we’re betting you will) or you’re bringing a laptop with you, it’s all you need to get in a quick and sweaty workout, especially if your time is limited. After all, if you’re on vacation or you’re on a business trip, you probably won’t have a whole lot of time to do separate strength, cardio, and stretching sessions.

This is why PiYo is one of our top picks for when you’re on the go, because it hits all these areas in a single workout. And you won’t need any weight or equipment, which makes it super simple to do when you’re traveling.

What is PiYo?

Created by Beachbody, PiYo fuses elements of Pilates, yoga, and cardio into one challenging workout. If you ever found yoga or Pilates to be a bit too boring or slow-paced—or you love ‘em and just want to switch it up—you’ll probably find that PiYo offers the best of each type of exercise.

Pilates PiYo Hotel room workouts


Using your own body weight to bring yourself into challenging poses, Pilates is a terrific way to build strength, especially if you’re recovering from an injury.

Yoga PiYo Hotel room workouts


While yoga also builds strength, it is also great at improving flexibility and mental clarity. The calming effects of yoga are perfect for any situation, but can be especially beneficial for unwinding after some of the stresses that sometimes accompany traveling (i.e. flying for 30 hours straight).

Cardio PiYo Hotel room workouts


Whether you’re looking to lose weight or maintain heart health, you’ll need to get your blood pumping through a cardio workout. Pilates and yoga often are not enough by themselves to get the heart rate up, and this is what makes PiYo so unique, because it sandwiches in cardio intervals to ensure that you’re burning fat through your entire workout. It also takes you through the same yoga and Pilates moves you’re familiar with, but at a much faster pace, so you can scorch more calories.    And best of all, it’s low impact, so there’s less risk of hurting yourself because it’s friendly on the joints.

How to do PiYo when traveling

You can purchase the Beachbody PiYo DVDs directly from their website, which aren’t only great for home use, but can used if you have a CD-ROM slot in your laptop and/or you know for certain that your hotel room will have DVD player. The more efficient option for travelers, however, would probably be the Beachbody On Demand app, which allows subscribers to stream from just about any device that has a good Internet connection. They offer a free 30-day trial, so you can give it a shot for your next trip and always cancel when you get back if you don’t think you’ll want to use it again.

We’re always looking for new, fun ways to help people work out when they’re traveling, so if you tried PiYo and/or Beachbody in general, we’d love to know what you think! Do you have any other go-to exercise routines for when you’re traveling?