Top 5 Locations to Purchase a Winter Vacation Home

If you are interested in purchasing a winter home this year, then there are several astonishing destinations in the U.S to consider. You can enjoy and find your escape and enjoy these five destinations we have selected as top winter vacation spots.


Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Real Estate Associates suggests that Wyoming is ideal for people looking to relocate as it is one of the friendliest U.S states. The state’s trust and overall asset protection is not the only bonus of Jackson Hole, but the beauty of its land makes this place even more special. The median home value as in Jackson Hole as of June 2021 is approximately $2.1 million. Additionally, the location provides magnificent views of the Tetons, making it worth the price. 


Anna Maria Island, FL

Located just seven miles from the coast of Florida, this barrier island is known to be the perfect spot for escaping the hustle and bustle of busy, everyday life. The island depicts the vibe of “Old Florida” with its tallest palm trees and sand to rest our toes in. The average price of homes on Anna Maria Island ranges between $200,000 to $650,000, depending on your preference of size and location of the home. Construction ordinances don’t allow buildings to exceed a certain height, ensuring unobstructed views.


Phoenix, AZ

With plenty of sunshine year-round, the Phoenix area of Paradise Valley, Mesa, and Scottsdale is the perfect destination to buy a winter vacation home. There are various recreational activities and places to visit, and you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities all winter. 

The housing market of Phoenix was hit hard during the housing crisis, which made the housing prices lower than the average. However, the market has now fully recovered, and the average median home cost is approximately $455,000


Beaufort, SC 

If you prefer a temperate climate during the winter, Beaufort, located in South Carolina, is the perfect destination for buying a winter vacation home. In this area, outdoor recreation trips like inshore fishing are popular due to the mild winter weather. The median home cost of Beaufort has estimated to be $265,000, ideal for people looking to buy a winter vacation home and enjoy amazing beaches, canals, bike paths, and fishing. 


Lake Tahoe, CA

With both ski areas and beach areas, Lake Tahoe is a 71 mile area that is well-known for its natural beauty. In the south end, winters are comparatively mild than the other eastern part of the U.S. 

If you are searching for a perfect destination to enjoy the winter or for an investment property, there are many places in the U.S to buy a winter vacation home. Additionally, ensure the evaluation of climate, price, and activities to relish your decision before purchasing a winter vacation home. You can also finance your purchase for a winter vacation home by applying for a mortgage.