My worst travel moments of 2012

With the year coming to an end, I wanted to reflect on some of my best and worst travel moments of 2012. I thought I’d start with the worst, and then tomorrow blog about the best.

Read on for more about, in no particular order, my worst travel moments of 2012.

Not being able to breathe in Peru. I wrote a longer blog entry about this that I’ll post later on, but because of the altitude in Peru, breathing was so hard. And I’m not even a smoker! I felt like I wanted to throw up just by being there the first day.


Catching the flu in NYC. This one is pretty recent, but I am still feeling the effects of it. I guess with all the people in NYC, especially during the holiday season and the fact that I didn’t get a flu shot, well maybe I was just asking for it.


Losing a lot of money in Vegas. I usually do pretty well in Vegas, but at the very least, I break even, which I consider to be a success. Unfortunately, my trip this month set us back quite a bit, and I think I’m Vegas-ed out for a while.

jellyfish Getting stung by multiple jellyfish in Dubai. I was swimming at the beach at Atlantis when suddenly I felt the strangest sensation on multiple parts of my legs. I stood up and I suppose my face twisted up in pain, because Joe (who has a deep fear of jellyfish, which I find amusing because he is afraid of nothing else) froze with a look of panic.

“What is it, Amber? What is it? Why are you making that face? Did something happen?” he asked nervously. His eyes darted around the water and he spotted the swarm of jellyfish that had invaded the area.  We both screamed and ran out of the water.

There were a few other people in the water that got stung at the time also. Suddenly, everyone began groaning in pain, and a lifeguard came around and sprayed some stuff on us to lessen the sting (I hope it wasn’t urine!) and it helped, but it still hurt like hell for about a week. I also visited the Dead Sea in Jordan during this same trip. You know what they say about pouring salt in the wound? Holy shit!

Getting lost in Jordan. We drove from Amman to Petra and back in one day. By ourselves. With a rental car. Dead cell phones. No GPS. Horrible roads that felt like they were about to shred our tires to bits at any second. Nobody around for days, except for stray goats and camels. We probably would’ve died if we broke down. No, seriously. Luckily, we made it to Petra with plenty of time, and we made it back to our hotel before nightfall. However, that wasn’t with a few wrong turns and fears that we were driving into other bordering countries. Being lost for so long with absolutely nothing around also resulted in the need for me to pee on the side of the road, which was also terrifying.

A pervert that wouldn’t let me take a decent picture at Baker Beach in San Francisco. It’s a nude beach, I get that. But this old, nasty, naked old man was posing himself in my photo and no matter what angle I tried, he was there! Thanks a lot, asshole!


  1. I have seen this perv on my many trips to Baker over the years. He truly is a pain in the ass making pretend he is on the phone and stopping next to families and such. He gives nudists a bad name.