Raging Waters Waterpark at Morey’s Piers in Wildwood

With summer winding down, time was running out to visit some of the nearby beaches and boardwalk attractions on the Jersey Shore. After some research and asking around, a few people were raving about Morey’s Piers in Wildwood. I looked it up and what really caught my eye was Raging Waters Waterpark. A waterpark on the beach? Sign me up!


Summer technically doesn’t end until September 21st, but most people consider summer to be finished after Labor Day weekend, and with good reason. The weather begins to cool down, the kids go back to school, and places along the boardwalk begin to close up shop. Although temperatures may still be pleasant and balmy, business has slowed down quite a bit and there really is no reason for a lot of places to remain open past mid-September. While a lot of places shut down right after Labor Day, Raging Waters Waterpark remained open until the following weekend, which was when I happened to go: on the very last day, in fact. And it was a perfectly hot and sunny day; there probably won’t be many of those left until next year.


All the rides were great, and whether you’re seeking something that gets the adrenaline pumping or that is a bit more mild, there is definitely something there for everyone. Oh, and the water temperature was just perfect, too. Cool and refreshing, but not too cold.

My favorite rides were Shotgun Falls and Sky Pond Journey. I’ve been to a lot of water parks, but I’d say these two rides are pretty unique and unlike any I’ve ever been on. Shotgun falls is a very short (but fast) slide that has quite a substantial drop at the end into a deep pool. It was so much fun; I went on it repeatedly. Check out this video of me on it. It sounds like I’m screaming in pure horror, but I promise that’s my “weeee this is fun” scream.

Sky Pond Journey is a tube ride that allows for single riders or doubles. What makes this ride unique is that it’s multiple rides within a ride. The best part is the finale. I highly recommend a double tube; you’ll be more aerodynamic (a good thing).



Aside from the actual rides, they had something else I’ve always wanted to try: a rope swing! I’m pretty terrible at it (it’s certainly not as easy as it looks), but it was a ton of fun.


I loved the fact that there weren’t any lines (probably the time of year), but if you do have to wait in line, you’ll have a great view of the beach from the top of the stairs. By the way, the beaches at Wildwood are free.



The ambiance, in general, is just pure joy and fun. Aside from the actual water park and having the beach as a backdrop, you’ve got an enormous ferris wheel looming above you and lots of other amusement park rides, games, and delicious treats. There is just SO much going on.  I’m sure if you’re a kid, your brain must explode with excitement at a place like this. I’m 28 and I almost felt that way. This place is sure to bring out the inner child in anyone! And when you’ve had enough of the thrilling rides and you just want to chill out a bit, there’s a super relaxing lazy river. No waterpark is complete without it!




Aside from exploring the boardwalk area and playing a couple carnival games, I spent most of the day at Raging Waters Waterpark. I most definitely will be counting the days to summer 2014 before I can return and also visit Surfside Pier, Ocean Oasis Waterpark, and Adventure Pier.


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