Broadway’s NEWSIES kicks off tour in Philadelphia

Have you always wanted to visit New York and see a Broadway play? With more hit Broadway shows going on tour, you no longer have to: the shows will come to you.

Last night in Philly marked the first night of NEWSIES on tour. This is only available for a limited time ‘til Sunday, November 2nd. Whether you’re currently visiting or living in the area, don’t miss your chance to see this highly entertaining show.

Warning: Post contains spoilers.

The play is inspired by the real newsboy strike of 1899 when the price of newspapers (or shall we say, papes) went up. The show, which originally opened on Broadway in 2012, tells a compelling story with both an engaging and humorous storyline. It’s a play that kids and adults alike will enjoy.


Parts: The play’s peak of excitement, which was the moment the newsies decided to form a union and go on the strike. I also enjoyed the part when Katherine was under a great deal of pressure to meet a writing deadline. I know the feeling all too well!

Voice: Stephanie Styles as Katherine, Angela Grovey as Medda Larkin

Acting: Les, played last night by Vincent Crocilla, was just adorable and hilarious. Dan DeLuca also did a great job as the play’s star and strike organizer, Jack Kelly.

Overall Impression

It was a fabulous show, and judging by all the comments I was hearing as I was exiting, a lot of other people felt the same. And while the singing and acting was pretty good, what really stood out for me was the dancing, which was phenomenal.

Academy of Music

This is my second time visiting the Academy of Music and it’s such a beautiful place, and the perfect venue for a Broadway show.

Visitor Information

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