Pie Face opens first USA location

What exactly is Pie Face? Australia is known for their meat pies, and it has this little chain known as Pie Face. I ate a lot of Pie Face during my trip to Australia, because their pies were just so delicious. The pies are small and individual. In fact, at first glance they seem a bit too small, but one is definitely filling and satisfying enough. My favorite was the steak injected with cheese.

Pie Face

While I was walking around New York City one night a few weeks ago, I saw something that caused me to do a double take: Pie Face! This was supposed to be a chain that was exclusive to Australia. I didn’t get to have any because I was stuffed from dinner. I also wasn’t sure if I was too drunk and imagining things.

I went to the Pie Face website, and sure enough, they launched their first USA location last year (they are planning for seven total!) and they’re launching in New Zealand, too.




Before heading to the airport, I stopped by to get some. Unfortunately, their menu is a bit different than Australia’s, and it didn’t include the steak injected with cheese, which was a major disappointment. I also found that the pies were just…not quite as good as they were over there. But still very tasty, nonetheless. They also had dessert pies, which I don’t really remember seeing in Australia. The cherry was delicious.