Travel plans for 2013

This is the week that most people are making resolutions for the new year. Some of the most common ones include to lose weight, stop smoking, and other things that are beneficial to your health. But did you know that taking the time out to relax and go on vacation is beneficial to your health also, because it relieves stress? Therefore, I urge everyone who hasn’t traveled much in 2012 to make the resolution to travel more in 2013.

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Last year was a lot of fun. For international trips, I visited Peru, Dubai, Jordan, Canada, Switzerland, Prague, and England. I also returned to Puerto Rico where I embarked on a week-long Caribbean cruise to St. Maarten, St. Lucia, Barbados, St. Kitts, and St. Thomas. We went to Hawaii twice (Maui and Oahu), San Francisco, New York, Vegas, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, ¬†Orlando, and…I’m pretty sure that’s it.

I don’t know if I necessarily plan to travel more in 2013, because for the past couple years, I have already been traveling as much as time and money will allow. But I am definitely looking ahead and thinking about all the trips I’d like to go on. I’m not really big on planning far in advance, though, so if you check out my “travel plans” section at the top of the site, I’m sure you’ll see the list change as the year progresses.

I already booked Norway for March. I was going to go during New Year’s Eve, but prices were outrageous. I plan on visiting the fjords, taking a scenic train ride, and although I will be visiting a couple cities in the south, most of my time will be spent in the arctic region. So this trip will also entail an overnight stay in an igloo, dog and/or reindeer sledding, and hopefully – if all goes as planned – Northern Lights! That is the main purpose of this trip.

A few years ago when I’d think of the Northern Lights, I always thought Alaska was the best place to visit. However, after doing research, it seems that northern Norway and Finland are the two best places in the world to visit them – much better than Alaska. After some deliberation, I settled on Norway.

That’s about all I have booked right now, but I’m currently planning a weekend snowboarding trip. Not so sure I’ll do Park City this year, just because I’d like to try someplace new.

Do you have any exciting travel plans for 2013?