Review of MAMMA MIA! on Broadway

Warning: This post contains spoilers!  

I love Broadway, but I’ll have to admit that I had some slight reservations about this particular show. I’m not usually into chick flicks, because so many of them are cheesy and boring. With that being said, I’m sure a lot of women that feel the same way I do (and even those men who are potentially kicking and screaming about dragged along to what’s clearly a girly show), may not be too eager to see Mamma Mia.

But I’m here to tell you this: don’t think this way, because you will love it.

Mamma Mia NY

I attended the show on a Thursday afternoon; this is a fairly new matinee time that has been added to the afternoon mix for select shows.

I was instantly captivated by Elena Ricardo’s voice, who was portraying Sophie Sheridan. I was really impressed by how this girl seemed to just effortlessly belt out one beautiful sounding song after the next.

Hands down, the most talented performer of the show was Judy McLane as Donna Sheridan. She was such a natural—her acting was terrific and she was absolutely hilarious. She certainly made the show. Meryl Streep who?

The best part was when the three potential fathers all came face-to-face with Donna for the first time after 20 years. At a complete loss for words, she musters up the best excuse she can think up in order to avoid the confrontation and leave the room: “I have to….go clean out my purse.”

Mamma Mia NY

You’ll laugh, but you’ll also cry—it’s a typical cliché you’ll hear often to describe a story, but I’m going to have to use it. Because with Mamma Mia on Broadway, you’ll be dazzled, entertained, and you’ll certainly be in stitches. But if you’re anything like my mom, you might have a minor breakdown during the “Slipping Through My Fingers” number.

Maybe she’s just alone in this, but she began sobbing uncontrollably as Donna softly sang the lyrics about her daughter growing up.

“Mom?” I whispered. “Uh, are you okay?”

“Yeah,” she responded, while pointing to the stage. “It’s just—“ she was interrupted as the girl on the other side of her handed her a tissue. She blew her nose.

“Don’t cry, mom,” I said. “I’m 29-years-old. I slipped through your fingers about ten years ago.”

She chuckled.

Mamma Mia NY

While I thoroughly enjoyed the story itself, I was a bit disappointed in the ending when we never got to really find out who Sophie’s father was. I was in such suspense for three hours, only to be let down. But hey, that’s the way the story goes.

The bottom line: see this show. It’s been on Broadway since 2001 for a reason and 13 years later they’re still filling up the theater—obviously they must be doing something right!

MAMMA MIA! feature smash hits from Swedish pop group ABBA, and select songs with Stig Anderson that are composed and directed by Wendy Bobbitt Cavett. The show is choreographed by Anthony Van Laast and directed by Phyllida Llyod.

Show photos taken by Joan Marcus

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