The best hotel in Rome, Italy: Hotel Hassler Roma

I have to be honest: Rome isn’t exactly my favorite city. I was only visiting because I was traveling with my mom and it was her first time in Europe, and for any traveler, Rome is a staple city that shouldn’t be missed. But this second time around, there was a silver lining and easily the highlight of my recent visit: Hotel Hassler Roma. I thoroughly researched the accommodation options in Rome, and I can honestly say that to me, this is the city’s best and most luxurious property.

It’s a gorgeous hotel, but let’s start with the location: it’s right on top of the Spanish Steps. How cool is that? Not only are you located right at one of the city’s icons, but you can walk to a lot of the other main attractions, including the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain.



I learned that each of the hotel’s rooms are each uniquely decorated, so unless you request the same room, you might get a room with a completely different theme when you re-visit. There are also a variety of suites available that range in sizes and prices, with the most expensive being the presidential penthouse suite.


And this suite is not just super swank, but the view is amazing.


I mean seriously, look at it. This has got to be the best view in all of Rome! (Photos really don’t do it justice). I didn’t get to spend more than just a few minutes in the penthouse suite, so I can’t really comment on my experience, but I’m sure it’s nothing short of amazing.


And even if you don’t stay in the penthouse suite, you can still enjoy some of these fantastic views from other parts of the hotel.

The hotel also offers wedding packages, so if you’re thinking about a destination wedding, Hotel Hassler Roma would make a fantastic venue. It really is decorated beautifully all throughout.


The owner, Roberto E. Wirth, is a very nice man who seems to be genuinely interested in his guests’ experiences and wants to get to know the people who stay there (and not just the travel writers). This was refreshing, as it is quite rare for guests to actually get to meet the owner of the hotel they’re staying at, at least a large one like Hotel Hassler Roma. 


Overall, I have to be honest and say that I don’t recommend that anyone actually go to Rome for more than a day, but I do recommend that anyone with a high accommodations budget who does go to stay at Hotel Hassler Roma, a stunning hotel with hospitality that’s second to none. You won’t be disappointed.

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