Visit Antartica and cruise with Oceanwide Expeditions

I don’t know how you guys feel, but I long for the day when I’m getting ready to go on another trip and people ask where I’m going, and I can finally be like, “Oh, you know. Antarctica. No big deal.” After all, after visiting Antarctica, I’d officially be able to say that I’ve visited all of the continents in the world.

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Antarctica is one of those destinations that many people, both avid and novice travelers, dream about one day making it to, yet only a small percentage make it there. Good news, though: travel to Antarctica IS becoming more affordable, and one particular company, Oceanwide Expeditions, offers 30-day cruises that make it possible to see it all.

Antarctica 15th January - 19th February, 2013 (Rolf Stange)

Trip highlights

Any trip to Antarctica I’m sure would be an unforgettable one, but there are some things worth pointing out that make this particular trip extra special.

Emperor penguins

While there are quite a few places in the world where you can see penguins in their natural habitat, no place will top Antartica. Specifically, you can expect to encounter Emperor Penguins on your trip.

Peter I Island

This is an uninhabited volcanic island that also seems seriously cool and not a place that many travelers to Antarctica have the opportunity to visit: in fact, it’s estimated that only 600 people have ever set foot on this island as of 2005.


The majority of Antarctica trips and cruises involve just seeing this magnificent landscape from the ground and exploring by sea, but this particular trip with Oceanwide Expeditions also offers helicopter excursions throughout the cruise, allowing travelers to see Antarctica from a point of view that most people never will.

The Dry Valleys

Another fascinating place you’ll visit on this particular voyage are The Dry Valleys. They haven’t seen rain in millions of years and are the most extreme deserts on the planet. Similarly to Peter I Island, very few people have had the opportunity to visit this very unique region of the world.

Historic sites

Throughout your 30-day journey, you’ll also visit some fascinating historic sites along the way, including Shackleton’s hut and Scott’s hut, which were once used by explorers in the early 1900s.

The Canada Glacier in Taylor Valley, McMurdo Dry Valleys. Ross Sea, Antarctica.

Trip details

Dates: Varies, check website for details

Leaves from: Bluff, New Zealand

Arrives in: Ushuaia, Antarctica

Stops along the way: Cape Adare, The Ross Sea, Campbell Island, Ross Ice Shelf (largest in Antarctica), Amundsen, the Drake Passage, and many others.


Are you part of the lucky percentage of travelers that can say they’ve been to all of the continents? We’d love to hear about your Antarctica experience!

Photos by © Toine Hendriks – Oceanwide Expeditions