The newest ride at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida: Cobra’s Curse

Busch Gardens is no stranger to thrill rides, and a brand new one just added to the line up on June 17, 2016. Although the ride, Cobra’s Curse, is labeled as a family rollercoaster, it’s definitely one that’s geared more towards the braver kids. After all, with a name like Cobra’s Curse, don’t expect anything too tame.

The Story

Every good theme park ride has an even better story behind it, right? Well, let’s talk about Cobra’s Curse. The legend tells of a Snake King who became very powerful, and although he had many followers, his power got the best of him. Neglecting what he once took care of, his followers became no more, which angered the Snake King. Before disappearing, the Snake King used his powers to block the light of the sun. The people who once worshipped the Snake King were enraged, destroying the complex of temples that they had once built in his honor. But a curse was also placed on this site, and if the temple is ever uncovered and the Snake King’s had is put back into place, he will unleash his fury like never before. Enter fun rollercoaster time.

The Ride

With maximum speeds of 40 mph and multiple vertical lifts, we guarantee this is a family thrill ride unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. We don’t spoil it too much, though, so that’s we’re all we’re revealing—you’ll just need to take a “spin” on the ride for yourself!

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Fun Facts

Worried about long lines? Don’t be! While waiting, you’ll be entertained with an exhibit of live snakes and other interactive elements that will help your time in line pass by fast. The height minimum is 48 inches for kids riding alone, but with a parent, the minimum is 42 inches. You can find the ride in the park’s Egypt section.

Other Attractions at Busch Gardens Tampa

Rollercoasters, or rides in general, not exactly your thing? It still doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome time at Busch Gardens. There is plenty to do for those that prefer to avoid the rides, especially if you love animals. From safaris to other fun exhibits, Busch Gardens has various attractions to fill your days, even if it’s just sitting around and drinking beer.

Know Before You Go

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Hotel options: Tampa has a ton of hotels, but if you want to be close to Busch Gardens, some good choices include Embassy Suites Busch GardensHyatt Place Busch Gardens, and Hilton Garden Inn Tampa North Busch Gardens.

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We’d love to know: What’s your absolute favorite attraction at Busch Gardens and why? And have you had a chance to ride Cobra’s Curse yet? How did you like it?