Pushing the boundaries: 5 ways to experiment while traveling

What better chance to push your boundaries than when you’re traveling? Make the most of the experience by fully immersing yourself in a different culture, trying new things that might challenge your limits but will form some of your fondest memories. Here are five ways you can easily experiment when you’re in new places:


Do something that scares you

Whether it’s a sky dive, multi-day trek or an up-close encounter with an animal, traveling is a great chance to push yourself to do something you might not otherwise do. As a starting point, check out this list of the world’s highest bungee jumps, an all-time favorite with travelers.

Try street food 

Food is one of the best ways you can experiment in other countries. It’s a great chance to try new flavor combinations and live how the locals do. And street food is as close as you can get an authentic meal. The assumption that street food has been sitting on a “dusty mat on the side of the road for days before it gets into your mouth” has been dispelled, and these are some great tips for avoiding any dodgy food. Instead, they point out street food is typically cooked as and when you order it. While you’re there, why not try the local delicacy? Whether it’s deep-fried insects or an unusual flavor combination, you might be pleasantly surprised by the flavor. But you’ll definitely have pushed your boundaries.

Try the local language

A lot of people don’t try to communicate in another language because they’re scared they might embarrass themselves if they get it wrong. But that’s not the case. Most locals respect the fact travelers are trying to speak the language and will help
where possible. What’s more, being able to speak another language is a valuable skill to return home with.

ATTRACTIONS0615-machu-picchuGet active

Some of the world’s best sites and experiences require a decent level of fitness. Want to trek to Machu Picchu, visit some of the highest mountain peaks, or learn to dive? You better be ready to push your mental and physical limits.


Take public transport

At first, this might not sound like a challenge at all. But the public transport in other countries isn’t always what we’re used to. Thought you had crammed onto a commuter train? Try getting anywhere in Delhi. Felt like no-one paid attention to the rules of the road in the western world? Take a taxi in Thailand. Here are ten unusual modes of transport to get you started.


What experiences would you recommend from your travels? Share them with us.