That one thing you absolutely must have before your next trip

Missed my flight / Travel insurance

We’re not talking a new suitcase or outfit. We’re not talking about an updated passport or visa. And it’s not even the essentials that complete any tropical vacation that we’re talking about, such as sunscreen and bug spray. (Side note: these are also probably some things you might need.)

Allianz Travel Insurance

The one thing that every traveler must have before they leave for their trip? Travel insurance! Alas, not enough travelers protect themselves with a policy, and some find out the hard way that this is not a good decision. There are many different types of travel insurance policies out there, and what’s covered and what you’ll pay will vary. Generally speaking, though, a travel insurance policy won’t cost much at all (especially in the grand scheme of things) and may offer you protection if:

1. Your travel plans change due to something unexpected, and while it could be something awesome, you need to reschedule or cancel.

2. Or maybe you can’t go at the last minute because of something bad.

3. A natural disaster occurs while you’re on vacation and you need to evacuate.

4. You miss your flight, your flight connection, etc.

5. You get sick on your trip and need medical care.

InsureandGo travel insurance has you covered for trip cancellation, lost baggage, and more!

6. Something changed since you booked your trip, and you no longer feel safe traveling to that particular destination.

7. You’re already on your trip and you need to go home early, due to illness, canceled flights, etc.

8. The airline loses your luggage.

9. You plan on participating in a “risky sport” during your travels.

10. You get in an auto accident while driving a rental car.

Note that travel insurance policies will vary; some will include a lot more than the examples above, and others will only include a couple of the above points. Your best bet is to speak with a travel insurance company or an insurance agent to learn more about the travel insurance options that are best suited for your needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about travel insurance policies before your next trip, compare plans with Allianz Travel Insurance.

What are your thoughts on travel insurance: a must-have or not necessary?