The weirdest souvenirs from around the world

Marionette puppets and weird souvenirs

When you’ve visited a beautiful place or had a great vacation, it’s natural to want to take home a little momento (or, you know, a few). But let’s face it, some of souvenirs can be kinda corny, or even downright tacky. If you want something that makes people ask, “where the hell did you get that thing from,” then read on to learn more about some of the wackiest things around the world that are actually sold as souvenirs:

The item: Marionette Puppet

Where you can get it: Czech Republic

Why it would make an interesting souvenir: Because handcrafted marionette puppet making dates back to the 18th century, what better way than to remember your visit to Czech Republic, and also scare the crap out of anyone who comes over? Creepy, or just cool: You decide.

Order it online instead: If you forgot to pick one up during your visit to Czech Republic, no worries: it’s easy order one of these horrifying little puppets from Amazon. 

The item: Kilt Koozie

Where you can get it: Scotland

Why it would make an interesting souvenir: You could just buy yourself a kilt from Scotland, but why stop there when your beer and soda bottles can look just as awesome?

Order it online instead: You can just tell people you went to Scotland and picked up what is essentially a skirt for your beer, or you can order it, and nobody will know the difference.

The item: Dracula mug

Where you can get it: Romania

Why it would make an interesting souvenir: Because this is the one thing you should be expected to bring back after a trip from Romania, no matter how bizarre it is. Even better? Use it at the office. Year-round.

Order it online instead: If you forgot to bring back souvenirs for people, this is the perfect, cheap option and people will totally believe you bought it from Romania, even though you got it on Amazon.

The item: Alligator head

Where you can get it: New Orleans, Louisiana

Why it would make an interesting souvenir: Not really sure why anyone would actually want this, but perhaps if you’re a hunter and you want to pretend this is what you did on your trip…

Order it online instead: If you really need one of these for whatever reason (??) and you don’t come across the opportunity to buy one during your travels, you can (surprisingly) get an authentic one from Amazon.


The item: Kopi Luwak coffee, aka poop coffee

Where you can get it: Philippines

Why it would make an interesting souvenir: Asia produces some of the best coffee in the world, and if you’re traveling there, why not bring some home? After all, it’s not every day you have the opportunity to bring home coffee that’s made with…poop. As strange as it does sound, it’s actually very common and produces some of the tastiest coffee there is. It’s the shit!

Order it online instead: No need to travel if you want to try some different coffee out. Amazon offers some pretty good options!


We’d love to hear about some of the weirdest souvenirs you’ve ever seen or purchased on your travels. Leave us a comment!