Some of the world’s best shopping destinations

Shopping in Singapore

For some people, shopping is just another activity that is part of their travel itinerary. But for others, their next trip is based solely on a destination that offers some great shopping. While the following destinations also have tons of other things to offer, they are also some of the world’s best shopping destinations:

Shopping in Paris, France


It’s considered the fashion capital of the world, so it’s no surprise that Paris tops any list when it comes to shopping destinations. From big name designers to local boutiques, Paris has endless options for tourists and residents alike looking to do some serious damage. With their main focus being fashion, you can always be sure to find the runway’s hottest looks at stores like Chanel and Christian Dior. Some of the ritziest shops are located along the Champs-Élysées, but Paris is also home to several outlet malls and antique shops if that’s more your speed.

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Shopping in Milan, Italy


If you’re looking for high-end designer brands and you’ll be in Italy, you’ll be pretty satisfied with what Milan has to offer—after all, it’s another one of the world’s leading cities when it comes to fashion. While it’s almost impossible to escape all the boutiques and designer shops that line the streets of Milan, the heart of the city’s shopping district is at the Quadrilatero d’Oro, which translates to Rectangle of Gold. Here, you’ll find flagship stores for various high-end fashion icons, including Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

Shopping in Singapore


Shopping isn’t all about clothing, shoes, and accessories (although, these things are certainly a big part of it). If you don’t really care much about fashion, but still love to shop, Singapore can be just what you’re looking for. While shopping is aplenty throughout Singapore, the place you want to go to is Orchard Street, which has been dubbed as “Asia’s best shopping street.” Sure, it has it’s fair share of clothing and fashion retailers—and by fair share, we mean pretty much every designer you can think of, from high-end to tight budget. But Orchard Street also has a plethora of other goodies, including electronics, home décor, books, and so much more. With malls stacked upon malls stacked upon malls (it’s seriously so convoluted you might end up getting lost), a shop-a-holic can easily spend a few days at Orchard Road.

Shopping in New York City

New York City

How can we make an article about shopping destinations without including New York City? In terms of being the fashion capital, it may not be Paris—but it comes close. When it comes to retail variety, New York certainly doesn’t disappoint. Fifth Avenue can’t be missed, especially during the holidays—even if you’re just window shopping, the storefronts are always amazing. If you’re looking for, ahem, designer imitations, you can head to Chinatown for purses, watches, and other accessories (FYI we don’t condone this, but it seems to be a New York tradition. Proceed at your own risk). Other popular shopping neighborhoods include SoHo, Greenwich Village, and Uptown. You’ll also want to the infamous Macy’s, which had been the largest store in the world from 1924 until 2009 (which is now Shinsegae in South Korea).

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Shopping in Philadelphia Center City


As of summer 2016 with an expansion, the King of Prussia Mall—located just outside Philly—will be the biggest mall in the United States. With more than 400 retailers (!), pretty much any store you could possibly want is at the King of Prussia Mall. If you want to do some outdoor shopping in the city, Rittenhouse Square is a top choice, with stores like Swarovski, Nordstrom Rack, and Urban Outfitters. And another awesome thing about shopping in Pennsylvania? No sales tax on clothing and shoes—ever.

Shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Another terrific city for shopping in Asia? Hong Kong. While they have plenty of big shopping malls and you can find a lot of the same retailers you shop at back at home, Hong Kong is also well-known for their street markets, mini-malls, and night markets. You can find just about anything you could possibly need at extremely affordable prices—from clothing and accessories, to electronics and luggage. The great thing about shopping at these street markets is that there are no set prices, and you can haggle everything.

Shopping at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota


Although King of Prussia Mall may now be the largest in the United States, the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota follows closely behind. What sets this mall apart from so many others throughout the country isn’t just its size, but all the cool things you can do at the mall when you aren’t shopping or simply need a break. Want to get married? Try out a flight simulator? Visit an aquarium? Take in a live comedy show? Get lost in a house of mirrors? These are some of the many other things you can do when you’re not browsing through the mall’s hundreds of stores.

How did we do with this list? Anything that shouldn’t be here because there’s something much cooler that should be in its place? Let us know and we’ll keep it in mind for our next round up of amazing shopping destinations!