You’ll want to rent a car in these 5 destinations

Avoiding a rental car might be one of your top priorities, especially if you want a stress-free vacation and don’t want to have to worry about driving around. While tours, taxis, and public transportation might be your best, safest, and possibly most cost-efficient option for many destinations, there are also plenty of places where you’ll want to rent a car. Not only could it save you money and actually simplify your travel plans overall, but they’ll make for some pretty great road trip memories:

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Being in Hawaii can certainly feel like you’re on an international vacation, and if you’re from the US, there are no new driving rules to learn or fears to get over (i.e. driving on the other side of the road). This offers the perfect opportunity to explore parts of the island you’re on that are off the beaten path: think secluded beaches, scenic hikes, secret waterfalls, and the list goes on. Don’t miss the opportunity to rent a car the next time you’re in Hawaii—preferably, a convertible.

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Tuscany, Italy

The Tuscan Countryside is one of those places where getting there isn’t just half the fun—but the fun is in the journey itself. A road trip through the Tuscan Countryside is an absolute must, and what better way than to enjoy it than from the comfort of your own car? Crammed in a tour bus is no fun, and with a rental car, you can stop where you want and stay as long as you want—say, for a glass of wine or that afternoon picnic.


Alaska is another one of those amazing destinations that is sure to awe as you travel from one city to another—seriously, you won’t want to snooze during this road trip. From glaciers to waterfalls to animal watching (it’s Alaska, you honestly never know when you could randomly spot an eagle/bear/wolf etc.), renting a car gives you the opportunity to see it all, whereas you might miss out on some amazing things by tour bussing it.

Puerto Rico

The island of Puerto Rico is a pretty big one, but small enough to see it all if you’ve got a few days. Renting a car makes it a whole lot easier, though, as other methods of transportation through the island would be a lot costlier. Not only is driving a cinch in Puerto Rico, but there is a ton of beautiful scenery along the way!

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In much of Iceland, taxis and public transportation are pretty much non-existent, making your trip around the country a difficult one—unless you rent a car or join a tour group. While a tour group may be the way to go (especially if you visit during the winter, when conditions can be hazardous) you might end up missing a lot of different sights on the road and throughout your journey. And as long as the weather is nice, which it is much of the year, driving in Iceland is pretty easy-peasy.

Essential Travel Information

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We’d love to know—what’s your favorite road trip memory? And just for fun, tell us about a place that you rented a car and you totally would NOT recommend for whatever reason. Hey, you can look back on it now and laugh, right? Maybe?